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Logo Save Energy & Water
Icon Energy Saving water is easy

Let's save energy & water together - now!

SAVE ENERGY & is an initiative to reduce water and energy consumption in households, municipalities and businesses. After all, we use the most water in the household for our daily showers and baths. And after heating, hot water production requires the most energy.

The initiative includes awareness-raising and the implementation of hot water saving campaigns. This goes hand in hand with the conservation of our most valuable resource - water - as well as a reduction in household costs and a long-term reduction in CO2 emissions.

Together with companies, municipalities, institutions, associations and private individuals, we want to reduce hot water consumption in showers and washbasins - and the energy required for this - by up to 50% quickly and easily using water-saving mini-turbines and flow limiters - without any loss of comfort, without having to change your showering habits or replace the shower head.

Our goal:


This results in an annual savings of:

Icon energy

3.2 million GJ Energy

Icon water

22 million m³ water 

Icon CO²

290,000 tons of CO2

Wash hands icon

Fact 1

Each of us uses 130 liters of water every day for personal hygiene and household chores.

Icon shower

Fact 2

Many showers have a water flow rate of 12-15 liters per minute.

Icon clock

Fact 3

On average, the duration of the shower is about 7 minutes.

Temperature icon

Fact 4

After heating, hot water production requires the most energy in the household.

Icon oil

Fact 5

This energy still comes primarily from fossil fuels such as gas and oil.

Icon Energy Saving

Fact 6

A household of 3 can save about € 300/year in water and energy costs.

This is how it works

Inform, measure, save

SAVE ENERGY & aims to create awareness of how quickly and easily each of us can reduce water and energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

The initiative is made up of three pillars:

Inform icon



Let's talk about saving hot water!
Let's inform the population that showering and washing hands use an enormous amount of water and energy and that it is worth saving here. Without much effort and change of showering habits you can reduce hot water consumption by up to 50% without significant loss of comfort - this is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet! Participation in the initiative is completely free of charge for you - in our download area we provide you with material containing initial information that you can pass on to your employees, citizens or club members.

Ecoturbino water jet hand Rabmer
Measure icon


How much water does my shower actually use?
Only those who know how much hot water they use can take targeted measures. You can easily determine your own water consumption in the shower with a bucket test or one of our test bags. We explain exactly how this works in the following video.

Based on this measurement result, our online savings calculator can be used to quickly find out how much energy, water and costs can be saved per year using innovative mini-turbines or special flow limiters for washbasins. For example, a 3-person household can save around €300 a year in water and energy costs. In addition, there is a reduction of 33,000 liters of water, 1,300 kWh of energy and over 400 kg of CO2.

The online savings calculator

Find out how much water, energy and costs you can save!
Save icon


Only those who participate can save in the long term!
Once the savings potential has been determined, it must be put into practice.

As a company, municipality, association, etc., you can register for the initiative free of charge below. Afterwards, you will receive a discount code from us, made for you, with which your employees, citizens and members can purchase discounted water saving products via our online store - and thus quickly and easily save energy & costs in the long term. You are also welcome to arrange an additional individual subsidy.

You are a private person and would also like to save energy, water and costs in the long term? Inform yourself and measure your hot water consumption as a first step. Also make your employer, your municipality or association aware of the initiative. If they take part in the campaign, you will benefit from discounted water-saving products by means of a discount code!

Save energy and money
Action for companies, communities & associations

Become part of the initiative

Are you a company, municipality, association, institution or organization and would like to help your employees, citizens or members save energy and water? Register for the initiative below and take part in the information campaign. We will provide you with all information material.

With a discount code created individually for you, the water-saving products can then be purchased more cheaply by your employees, citizens or members via the online store. Of course, you can also help individually by providing a self-defined subsidy (up to 100%). We then take care of the delivery and billing.

Saving energy & water is this easy - join us!
Register online now and we will contact you immediately to discuss and take the next steps together - because we want to save energy & water. Not in the future, but now!

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Initiators and supporters of the SAVE ENERGY & initiative:

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